Past Programs
Summer Youth Program 2010

From June 27 to July 17, 2010, Holy Trinity Monastery conducted the summer youth program for the second year since its reinstatement. Nine boys ages fourteen to seventeen participated, which was a larger group than the previous year. They came from both nearby New York and New Jersey, and from far and wide, including Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, and Ontario, Canada. They lived at Holy Trinity Monastery for three weeks, keeping a schedule similar to that of seminarians. They prayed with the monastic brotherhood daily, served in the altar, shared common meals, and helped at various monastery obediences. In addition, there was time for play, with sports, swimming, and official outings such as a trip to underground caves and... more>>

Summer Youth Program 2009

After many years in abeyance, the Jordanville Summer Youth Program was relaunched on June 21, 2009, on the Sunday of All Saints of Russia. The program was open to boys between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, and lasted three weeks. Six boys came from different parts of the United States to be part of the Youth Program, having heard either by word of mouth or by looking at the Jordanville website. The boys participated in the life of Holy Trinity Monastery, attending services daily and working with the monks at various obediences. Some of the obediences included serving in the altar, painting icons, working in the vegetable and flower gardens, helping in the kitchen and bakery... more>>